Make 2016 Your Best Year

Ambassador-MinisteringWorking in the Kingdom is like farming. We don’t have to look for work. When we wake up, it’s all around us. 

Ministry News: I just returned from six weeks of powerful ministry in California, and I’m headed out, again, for 22 days. Thank God, my darling wife will be with me on the last leg of the trip. 

TV News: We’re not going to relaunch our live stream broadcasts until 2016. When we do re-launch, you can expect wonderful changes in our content and presentatioon.

Web News: You see, we have a basic website online. As you may know, our previous website was brought down by hackers. The new site is a complete rebuild. We have to our challenge by creating a better website that’s more secure and easier to navigate. The new website will focus on media: video, livestreaming, audio, podcasting, and digital downloads. It will be a great resource for our friends and partners.

Your Future: You can expect great opportunities in 2016. Don’t let the prophets of doom and gloom rob you of your confidence. You are on the winning side. Remember, great victories come from great challenges. Make up your mind to live the good life in 2016, in Jesus’ name, and you’ll prosper while other’s are paralysed by fear.

My Prayers: Please send me your prayer requests so I can be praying for you during the Month of December (my birthday month — 12/01/1947). I’ll be praying for your protection and prosperity in 2016, and for your loved ones.

Your Ambassador of Christ – Larry Huggins


November 19, 2015