Alive!STREAM: Special Easter Communion

April 19th, 8:00pm (Central Time)

Join Ambassador & Mrs Huggins and guests for a special Easter Communion – Live, Online, In Your Home: prior to Easter: Alive!STREAM

Make this Easter special. A live communion service, with your loved ones, in your home, is the best way to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.


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One Response to Home

  1. Tracie Moore says:

    Good manners are important. However, I think our culture may think of manners as something other than, “a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.” We haven’t been taught it with our country (USA) being a melting pot of cultures and customs. My mother brought me up with what she called proper manners but when I married outside of my nationality, she had no understanding of others ‘proper manners’ She had customs and manners confused. I’m not English and so I told her that I wouldn’t be following ‘the Queen’s protocol.’ (That didn’t go over too well) I call good manners, ‘honoring others before ourselves’ or ‘being humble as to lift another up,’ to be full of grace toward others’ Scripture is FULL on that subject.